Planting Seed

  • Procurement of fuzzy cotton seed.
  • Transportation of fuzzy seed to dressing stations (Short haul & Long haul).
  • Procurement of seed dressing chemicals.
  • Procurement of seed packaging bags.
  • Procurement of locally sourced spare parts for dressing stations.
  • Clearing and handling of of dressing inputs.
  • Distribution of inputs to dressing stations.
  • Dressing station overhaul and servicing fire fighting equipment.
  • Importing spares for dressing stations.
  • Seed delinting, grading, dressing and bagging expenses (Labour,utilities and usables).
  • Provinding security for dressing station.
  • Transportation of delinted seed to bulking stores.
  • Distribution of delinted seed to farmers
  • Servicing and maintenance of weighing scales and stitching machines.
  • etc

Ginnery Inspection

  • Seed and field monitoring and audit.
  • Ginnery monitoring and quality control.

Land Opening with Tractors

Providing tractors to farmers to help with land opening.

Training/ Extension Services

  • Identification and recruitment of field extension staff in collaboration with CDO.
  • Training of field extension staff and lead farmers.
  • Payment of salaries for field extension staff, tractor drivers and regional date clerks.
  • Monitoring and verification of field activities.
  • Organising farmer field days on demonstration fields

Production Inputs

  • Procurement of pesticides.
  • Procurement of spray pumps.
  • Procurement of fertilizers.
  • Distribution of inputs to upcountry bulking stations.
  • Payment of salary for store keepers and security guards.

Monitoring & audit of field activities

  • Seed and field monitoring & audit.
  • Ginnery monitoring and quality control.